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Er zit weer een luchtje aan: Cesar Sayoc de VS bommen verstuurder

ElisaRiva / Pixabay

THREAD ON Cesar Sayoc.

1) I don't even know where to begin on this bullsh!t. Let's get 1 thing straight before we jump into this obvious false flag. None of the packages contained a single explosive device. Not one!! How can you be a mail bomber if not one was actually a bomb?

2) So the #MockingbirdMedia has all coordinated the headlines ..bomber bomber bomber …yep. These so called bombs had no activator, no trigger and weren't even compiled of any substance that could be explosive.
3) Can someone tell me why in the hell anyone would play with a package that appeared to be a bomb when opening it??

4) Anything the bomb squad deems to be POTENTIALLY explosive they blow up themselves and they do it extremely carefully.

These pictures look staged..oh and they used a clock/timer you can get off . Very high tech.

5) The device has wires sticking out of both ends which, I've read, is a clear indication that they are non functioning.

So if they are incapable of exploding then they are NOT bombs or pipe bombs or any other explosive device!

6) Why is it that none of the packages had any post markings on the stamps?? How did they all arrive within minutes of each other all across the country if they never actually made it though the mail??

7) Info from a retired postal worker..

Also please keep in mind the media has lead us all to believe that these packages aftislly arrived at Obama, Clinton's, etc residences. NO THEY DIDN'T! This is what the media does? The brain wash into believing what they want us to believe.

8) His profile showed he was a Democratic voter and shortly after everyone started posting that his profile was changed to Republican!!

False flag gone wrong, when you don't cross your T's and dot you I's!

9) It just so happens the return address on all the packages tie back to the Sunrise Police Department. Yes there are multiple businesses at this address, but something to consider nonetheless.
10) This guy has been a crimimalbhis entire life. Seems like a VERY EASY suspect to pin this one on right?

11) Here is the van they allegedly found just so happened to have loving & Hillary hating bumper stickers all over the van.

Can someone tell me why the FBI covered the van with a tarp? Why are they messing with evidence in an on going investigation?

12) Multiple pictures have emerged…Major discrepancy…different images on the back of these two vans.

All of the stickers look brand new with no Florida sun fading..????????????

13) This is hard to make out but it appears to be Cesar wearing a necklace that resembles a Mason symbol..can someone confirm one way or the other?
14) I'm not saying this proves anything, just an oddity. The stamps allegedly used were 2016 “Foever” stamps, not 2018.

15) FBI Director, Christopher Wray, just said in a press conference that 13 IED's were mailed across the country. Da Fuq they were IED's! They were NONE EXPLOSIVES!!!

We are told to trust Wray..but he's lying to us!

FBI Director Wray: 13 IEDs were sent to various individuals across the country. Each device consisted of roughly 6 inches of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, some wiring and what is known as energetic material.

“These are not devices.”

16) Don't forget Cesar was arrested in allegedly the same city, Plantation, Florida, AKA Broward County, as Parkland and where Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lives…

no coincidence

17) He has 2 twitter handles one is @hardrock2016 & he follows only a handful of people many are liberal accounts.

How does someone who allegedly is a die hard Trump supporter not follow Trump on twitter, but follows a bunch of accounts like Barack, Kimmel, Ellen..

18) His other twitter handle is @HardRockintlent follows more accounts & some are conservative, however he follows a bunch of random accounts.

Hardrock2016 was made April 2016
Hardrockintlent was made Feb 2015

19) Now things are really getting interesting. Check these screenshots out.

A business he owns Sayex LTD inc. is Israeli owned…
”SAYEX TRADING” —-“Sex Trading”

Of course guess what is right across the street -Baby Star Preschool

& 1 photo has a letter Q on the wall …

20) Don't forget the other night FoxNews (just as bad as any of the other FakeNews) posted a random image of a box with a Q on it when discussing the suspicious packages. Pinning it on us.
21) Well isn't this interesting. Yes this is Cesar…WTF!!

22) @DireLaVerita17 thanks for this!

And would you look at this!! C_A you say?!??!

Holy sh!t

23) Who uses multiple identies? Multiple names? This guy uses teondifferent last names..possibly more than 3….I'll tell you

C_ A operatives that's who

Cesar Sayoc (possibly a Jr. too)
Cesar Altieri Randazzo
Cesar Anthony Altieri

24) #35 on his wrap sheet has been deleted. Why???

25) the corrupt Scott Israel of Broward County is in charge of this investigation…the same Scott Israel that completely covered up the Parkland shooting …nothing to see here.

God this is a joke.

26) just a coincidence I'm sure!

27) anyone care to explain this from Nothing is making any sense.

Summary “I heart Hillary”
Company “Soros Mansion”

I understand someone could have just made this profile. Odd nonetheless.

28) adding to slide 22…with an additional screen shot of who Cesar is congratulating (reposting pic in slide 22…

“Ricki” is a 25 year C_A veteran!!!

29) aaaaand he worked at Parkland!!! Holy sh!t!

This is literally getting crazier by the second

30) And just like clockwork & Twatter suspended his accounts. This came almost IMMEDIATELY after the picture slide 28) surfaced of him congratulating his buddy that's a 25 yr vet of the C_A

Literally within minutes after that FB post was made public theys suspend him.

31) Ok, just when my mind couldn't be any more blown. Check out these two tweets from trump!

Exact same date 6 years a part!!!!


32) If you retweet this add #cesarsayoc #CesarAltieriSayoc to the comments. Let's get this trending.
33) I'm going to say is bullshit and anyone can make edits to that pages. So slides #8 and #29 which I've screenshot from this site. Im convinced anyone can make edits to it. Disregard those 2 slides as new info comes out we will update them.
34) @mymaria777 pulled Cesar's background record and it shows he was a republican voter. We should all do our due diligence and make sure not to report any fake news. Great work Maria!

35) some interesting anograms with #CesarSayoc's name!!! Thanks to everyone who sent these to me. What the hell is goong on???

Cesar altieri sayoc = alias careerists

Cesar Sayoc = accessory

36) Nothing to see here ….

This stinks worse than Parkland and Parkland stunk badly.

37) This is a joke right? This is how the FBI covers the alleged van involved with mailing “explosives” to 2 ex presidents & many other prominent politicians? With a ghetto ass tarp flapping around like a 5 year old secured it.

This isn't real life is it?

38) Thread by @_ImperatorRex_ on the indictment that has just been made public and it also stinking.

1. Due to a personal matter, I have to take some time off from twitter. Before I do, however, a few words about the indictment of Cesar Sayoc.

Here's the indictment. It is very weak and seems rushed, IMO. 

Cesar Sayoc

Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by GMG Editorial (Gizmodo Media Group).

39) great find @babereflex_8

So this is a 16 year old van and he's owned it since 2013…And he's changed the license plate 4 different times since he's owned it???

This is getting weirder by the minute.

40) @Mark923to25 great find here. These pictures are the dagger for me. FBI NOT using gloves when handling a piece of evidence like this? A police badge on the inside of the dashboard? One pic has wiper blades and the other doesn't?

Come on!!

41) and this …literally gets crazier by the minute.

42) adding to slide 39… the previous owner of the van is named Norman Elliot Kent ..his wiki profile is quite interesting. I think some ANONS get digging on this guy and see what his connections are to Cesar…maybe someone contact him…

43) HOLY SHIT…anyone notice something …I can't believe I realized this earlier

This shirt he's wearing is the exact same decal as what's on the window of his van…#cesarsoyac #CesarAltieri

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