Grandson of a Nazi SS member to head EU from December 1


From December 1, 2014 Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk will lead the European Council in Brussels and preside over the summits of the eurozone.

Tusk’s appointment to key positions was confirmed last Saturday at the extraordinary meeting of the European Union. He promised to act decisively in the “Ukrainian question”. On this occasion, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry Pavlo Klimkin even joked that the appointment of Donald Tusk is the “most significant sanction against Russia.”

What lies behind the determination of the new head of the European Union, the world has yet to learn. However, the determination of the grandfather of Donald Tusk, Joseph, is known in Europe firsthand. He was an accomplice of Adolf Hitler and served in a reserve SS death squad. This information was leaked to the media during the so-called “war of compromising materials”, which began during the presidential elections in Poland in 2005.

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  1. peter zegt:

    Lol, you are living is the past? Who’s grandson someone is is not important, if we left that past be hide us! 70 year ago, and you come with this bullshit, try harder next time!

  1. december 1, 2014

    […] PS: zijn opa was een SS-er […]

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