Op 21 April 2015 gaan we kapotstuk door asteroïde 2015 HD1 op 0,2 maan afstand met on/zekerheid factor 8


Breaking! Potentially Hazardous Asteroid HD 1 is a near Earth object that was found on the 19th of April & will pass on the 21st of April at a too close for comfort .2 Lunar Distance. If that wasn’t Cray enough, it’s got a condition code of 8 which means its orbit is highly uncertain orbit.

It’s thought to be about 20 meters or the size of a giant dinosaur or the size of the Meteor that exploded over chelyabinsk Russia and became a meteorite. That one was lucky enough to break apart on a horizontal path to the ground, a much more vertical strike could be very unlucky to an area.

There is a jade helm wal-mart joke in here.
So take it with a grain of salt and read between
the lines for rhymes.

Strange days indeed.


Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video


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