Noorwegen wil contant geld afschaffen


Noorwegen wil in 2020 geen contant geld meer in omloop hebben. Volgens onderzoek wordt nog maar vijf procent van de transacties met contant geld afgehandeld.

De Noorse bankenfederatie Finans Norge is voor afschaffing. Die moet overvallen, zwart geld en financiële criminaliteit terugdringen.(Emerce).

A leading Norwegian financial organisation has said the country is on course to becoming a cashless society by 2020.

Despite critics arguing that people should be allowed to purchase things without a trace, data shows that just five per cent of Norwegian transactions involve issuing cash.

Finans Norge supports bringing an end to cash-based transactions in the Scandinavian country, claiming that such a policy could prevent issues such as financial crime, so-called black money and robberies. The confederation, which represents 200 active financial institutions and groups in the country, said that it would be possible to live in a cashless society as only a small proportion of transactions were made with cash.

The organisation pointed out that in the first six months of this year there was an 8.6 per cent increase in card use, with people less inclined to handle cash due to the costs involved. It also noted that cash is now used in just five per cent of Norwegian transactions, with just the UK and Sweden recording a lower figure.(icenews)


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