Vliegveld Zaventem werd verbouwd tijdens de aanslagen (toch een hoax?)

In de dagen voor de aanslag op het Brusselse vliegveld Zaventem werd de vertrekhal grondig verbouwd. Jarenlang is er gewerkt aan een nieuw gebouw, de Connector, tussen de aankomsthal en de vertrekhal. Enkele dagen voor de aanslag werd het nieuwe gebouw in gebruik genomen. Hierdoor kwam de oude vertrekhal nagenoeg leeg te staan.

In de oude vertrekhal waren ten tijde van de aanslag renovatie-werkzaamheden aan de gang. Het personeel van de taxfree-winkels keek ook niet op van de knallen, ze hadden in de dagen ervoor ook al hard geluid gehoord.

Wellicht werkten tijdens de verbouwing de bewakingscamera’s niet. We hebben immers geen bewakingsbeelden gezien van de aanslag op het vliegveld. Wel een grappig filmpje van drie mannen achter bagagekarretjes, maar geen beelden van de explosies.


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This video starts off with a quick look at the people milling around wearing blankets- most of whom appear to be Muslim, African etc.. For whatever reason, they need blankets really badly, as they didn’t apparently wear enough clothing.

Quickly, pointing out that there appear to be a hugely disproportionate number of Muslims, Jewish people, and Africans in the airport in a lot of shots, and not many “white Belgians”- also, (not pointed out in this video) almost everybody on camera speaks English. I know we live in a “global economy” now, but the every low level of French and Flemish speakers or even German speakers.

The main point of this video looks into the construction that was taking place in and around the departure hall in the days before the “bombing of the airport” the creation of a new security area and main boarding area called the connector just happened to open a few days before 3/22. This apparently disrupted the normal flow of passengers to the point that 150 temporary extra workers needed to be brought in to “direct” people around the airport.

This, combined with a few eye-witnesses who claimed there was “work going on” in the Departure hall, and what appears to be worker’s buckets left around the interior of the departure hall, as well as signs talking about construction are a big indication there was an unusual amount of construction taking place in the departure hall, and very likely it was “temporary closed off” or, at least certain areas were to discourage people from using the area.

Similarly, the duty free shops were being moved to beyond the new security point, signage was being moved, and security screening devices were being moved from the departure hall to the new “connector”, and the area had to be “thoroughly cleaned”.

To me, it appears as though they had this area of the departure hall closed down, and right after the explosions in the ceiling rained down the panels, simply opened up the one point in between the airport connector area and the departure hall, as there was literally one opening between the departure hall and the rest of the airport. Just have a few of the 150 extra people hired stationed out front of the departure hall (which had cement blocks in front of it) telling people there was construction and to use the entrance around the corner, and you had the area completely sealed off. Make sure the employees are Shin Bet (Israeli) agents, as was the case at Brussels airport using ICTS security, and you should have few problems, if any.

The more people look into this particular area of the departure hall, the more obvious I think it will become that it was temporarily closed off, and a highly controlled area.

Of course, the fact that we have seen no real security camera footage at this point in time and the tiny bit of video we have seen has had 2 of the characters blurred out should be sending up red flags to anyone who has recently been in an airport and understands there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of cameras in them.



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