BOOM! George Soros W2EU Group is giving handbooks to fake refugee invaders


Refugees heading to Greece on people smugglers’ boats are given a ‘migrants handbook’ packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.

Among discarded life jackets and punctured rubber dinghies, Sky News discovered a tattered copy of the unique travel guide washed up on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The booklet’s cover features a photograph of a young man on a beach at sunset, looking longingly out to sea, with oars at his feet as he prepares to make the treacherous crossing.

The ‘rough guide’ is written in Arabic and contains phone numbers of organisations which might help refugees making the journey, such as the Red Cross and UNHCR.

Among those behind the booklet is a George Soros organisation called w2eu, which means ‘Welcome To Europe’.


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  1. maart 31, 2016

    […] elite/Zionistische machthebbers. Zo blijkt een door George Soros gefinancierde organisatie W2EU, handboeken uit te delen aan vluchtelingen met tips en informatie over de EU en advies hoe de EU binnen te komen. Plus dat […]

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